“My violin studies with Pama Lynn Broeckel pointed me towards the path I’ve found as a musician and performer. Her emphasis on musicality and attention to detail taught me the perspective that practicing is the active search for my sound — both in the technical problem solving of intonation and tone production, and in the musical pursuit of the heart and direction of a phrase. Also, her deep compassion and patience was a crucial help as I navigated the confusing years of adolescence and eventually settled on my path as an artist. I would not be the performer I am today without Pama Lynn’s teaching.”

– Skye Steele, Jazz Violinist

“Miss Pama Lynn is the best teacher in the world, truly. She is so professional, kind, positive, patient, and encouraging. She has helped me so much in reaching my goals and  becoming a better musician. Her teaching encompasses so much including technique, passion, and pure musicality.

She is a very creative, knowledgeable, and understanding teacher. The way she helps me convey different passages and think of technical concepts is just so natural and positive.  Finally, Miss Pama Lynn, in addition to being an amazing teacher, is an incredible person. Not only will your musical abilities be expanded upon, but your life will be blessed from knowing someone so amazing.”

– Sarah Stoddard, Student

“Pama Lynn loves music and the sharing of it. She is always learning and using her new knowledge to instill in her students a love for making beautiful music. She is a consummate professional; very thoughtful and prayerful in all she does. She takes the time to consider each student individually and develops custom teaching techniques, approaches and goals for them – adjusting plans as needed. Whether the student goes on to play professionally or for personal enjoyment, Pama Lynn’s goal is the same: beautiful music and beautiful souls.”

– Molly Williamson, Student Parent

“Thank you for being my violin teacher.  I love learning vibrato with you.  You have taught me many things that I did not know before.  I am enjoying learning the new song and your teaching helps me very much.  Did you notes that our violins sound exactly the same!  That is awesome.  I love you being my violin teacher!”

– Chloe, Student

“I highly recommend Pama Lynn Broeckel as a violin teacher.  I have 3 boys, ages ranging from 8-16, and all three of them have been taking lessons with Pama Lynn for 2 years.  The older boys have had multiple violin teachers over the last 10 years, mainly due to our moves to different parts of California.  I can honestly say that Pama Lynn is the best teacher our boys have had!  Pama Lynn has the gift of being an extraordinary teacher — she is very patient and kind and is able to distill musical concepts and explain them in age-appropriate ways to children at different levels of maturity.  Pama Lynn was able to help my older boys correct some technical issues with their violin playing, in a way that previous teachers had been unable to accomplish, and provided great inspiration along the way!  My sons have praised Pama Lynn’s persistence combined with creativity and imagination in helping them to grasp and master a technique, and leaving them with a feeling of thriving as violinists.  Pama Lynn also has a great rapport with the youngest students.  It has been a joy to watch as she motivates and encourages my youngest son to develop a great tone and play with heart.  I am especially grateful for how supportive Pama Lynn was when one of my sons was going through a difficult personal time.  Pama Lynn is also a gifted musician herself, which provides a wonderful role model for the students in her studio.  Pama Lynn encourages great musicianship within the studio in a variety of ways, from recitals to community performances, and group classes. We feel truly blessed to be part of Pama Lynn’s studio!”

– Veronique Scalzo, Student Parent