1.  Student, parent and teacher will all be committed to growth.

2.  Regular attendance at lessons, group and recitals is expected.

3.  Tuition is based on 36 lessons during the studio year. Nine equal payments due (Sept.-May) will cover these lessons as well as allow for a Fall, Christmas and Spring break. Most Monday Holidays are not observed. Please sign-up for 6 additional lessons over the summer.

4.  Private lessons, Monday group and recitals are included in a flat monthly rate listed in the parent portal. It is payable by check on the first lesson of the month or with Paypal at the parent portal.

5.  There is a small annual fee for materials in September and another for a yearbook in June.

6.  Chamber music coaching tuition is by semester, due in September and February.

7.  Personal holidays must be requested a month in advance. Please drop me a note in writing if you have travel plans. I will consider a prorated rate on an individual basis with advance notice.

8.  Absences and Rescheduling: Make-up lessons will only be done within normal teaching hours Monday-Thursday. If you must miss a lesson, pursue these options:

  • Trade lessons in advance with another student
  • Call to cancel by 7:30 am of the lesson day so that I can give the opening to someone else.
  • Put your name on a makeup list to wait for an opening.
  • Forfeit the lesson.

There is no credit given for missed lessons or group. Your tuition covers so much more than just the private lesson, including planning repertoire and group, organizing recitals, participating in MTAC events, etc. Please review the make-up policy when committing to varsity sports.

9.  Termination: It is customary to give one month’s notice of your intention to discontinue lessons. Remember, it will not be possible to give refunds. Please talk to me and see if we can reconstruct your student’s learning environment before a final decision is make. Students with low commitment may be asked by me to make some changes or will be requested to leave.

10.  Lesson Etiquette: Please drive slowly in my neighborhood. You will need to park in the guest lot or in my driveway. Fire code prohibits curbside parking. Kindly remove shoes, enter quietly, and unpack your violin on the carpet. Thank you for assisting me in observing a private zone. If the room dividers are drawn, remain in the studio area. When you arrive a little before your lesson time, it assists in beginning and ending on time.

Pama Lynn Broeckel