My goal as a teacher is to multiply the greatness in your child.  The study of music develops the body, the mind and the soul.  I aim to create beautiful musicians and beautiful people.

I ask students to follow these four guidelines to ensure effective music learning:

  1.   Take detailed lesson notes and video.
  2.   Replicate posture in your home practice.
  3.   Include listening, review, reading and quality preview work.
  4.   Participate in playing with and for others.

These guidelines encourage an optimal learning environment and productive practice in order to be prepared for lessons.

Parents, I value your involvement.  I want to nurture your parenting skills as related to music study. Parents, it is critical to attend lessons with your child. You are the “home teacher.” My goal with middle school and high school students is to train them in critical thinking so that they can make their own musical decisions and ultimately transition to attending lessons on their own.

Together, the parent, student and teacher form a team that creates a successful learning cycle.  The parent takes detailed notes at the lesson along with video. The assignment is replicated at home with careful attention given to posture. Regular practice includes; listening to teacher specified recordings, daily review of old pieces, breaking specific techniques down into smaller sections and completing many slow, correct repetitions with both the parent and the student aware of whether the repetitions are representative of what the teacher asked for in the lesson.

I believe in a strong group program.  It is here that I witness companionship and motivation.  From a practical standpoint, I plan curriculum for each level that amplifies the work done in lessons.  Each week a different level attends group on Monday afternoons from 4:00-5:00. They study technique via the Suzuki Repertoire in addition to supplemental ensemble repertoire. Additionally, chamber music coaching is available on Tuesday from 5:45-6:30.

Communication is essential.  Expect to have a fall goal-setting lesson.  Each student will receive a binder with the year’s theme.  The binder is personalized by level with appropriate technique, theory and group plans. Students will keep each week’s lesson notes as well as each month’s group handouts in the binder.

Remember to obtain essential materials including a personal recording system (video camera, phone, i-pad). Students with beautiful instruments thrive.  Please obtain the best quality instrument that you can afford. Remember to keep a spare set of strings, maintain the bow hair and carry rosin and a dusting cloth.  Also, each student should own a music stand and a metronome.

Performance goals are invaluable. Lessons and group classes will be leading up to special studio events throughout the year.   In addition, you may participate in Music Teachers Association of California and Suzuki Association of San Diego events.

more info on the Suzuki Method: Suzuki Method Association Website